Greek Islands (Ferry Expeditions)

As soon as summer comes, Greek Islands destination begins to decorate the plans, dreams and routes of all domestic and foreign holidaymakers. The reason for this is very simple: A short ferry or boat ride from most of Turkey’s resorts offers an opportunity to visit these beautiful islands in no time.

What’s more, whichever of the Greek Islands you go, all sparkling like pearls, you will arrive at a place worth your time, the price you pay, and the sweat you shed while traveling. In short, vacationing in the Greek Islands means having an unforgettable holiday experience.

Greek Islands Holidays with Plenty of Options

This exquisite “package”, which we refer to as the Greek Islands as a whole, consists of many small and large islands. It is known that there are 166 to 200-odd “habitable” Greek Islands. Do you know which of these islands, all of which have a different authenticity and beauty, should you visit, or what you can find there?

If your answer is “no”, don’t worry, by the end of this article, you will have learned a lot and made your decision to create the route you want. Choosing one of the islands that fits your holiday concept perfectly will make it easy to have fun, rest, find peace, travel and collect memories, as well as attractive.

That is why we advise you to continue reading and find out which are the most admired, loved, popular and beautiful Greek Islands. Thus, you will open the doors of five-star hours, days and weeks!

What Are The Most Beautiful Greek Islands?

The most beautiful Greek Islands, which most vacationers agree on their impressiveness; Therefore, they are the islands that are frequently visited and become famous holiday centers. Although it can be shaped and changed by travel experiences, there are certain ones that manage to be the apple of every tourist’s eye.

The most beautiful and popular islands mentioned are:

Lesvos Island (Transportation by Ferry from Ayvalık to Lesvos)
Rhodes Island ( Transportation by Ferry from Fethiye Rhodes)
Kalymnos Island
Patmos Island ( Kusadasi – Patmos Ferry Transportation)
Santorini Island
Meis Island ( Kaş – Meis Boat Transportation)
Paros Island
Symi Island ( Transportation by Ferry from Rhodes)
Samos Island ( Kusadasi – Samos   Transportation by Ferry)
Mykonos Island
Leros Island
Chios ( Cesme – Chios   Transportation by Ferry )
island of Crete

If you wish, let’s talk a little more about the particles of paradise floating on these waters and try to help you a little in shaping your ideas.

Lesbos Island (Emerald Island)

Extremely close to Balikesir’s Ayvalık and Burhaniye coasts, Lesbos Island is a mountainous Greek Island. Hometown of the famous Greek poets Alcaeus and Sappho; It is known as the birthplace of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha. It is also called Emerald Island by the Turks because it is adorned with lots of green. In addition to its wide plains and high mountains, it is a tree-rich island decorated with species such as pine, fir, plane tree, chestnut and beech trees.

What can be done on Lesbos Island?

Here, you should visit the sweet towns that adorn the island, especially the capital Mytilini; You should visit Lesbos, Molivos and Sigri Castle, and you should definitely see the historical religious temples in the vicinity. Of course, if you don’t enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the bays surrounded by the mountains!


To go to Lesbos, it will be enough to enjoy a short sea journey with the Ayvalık Lesbos ferry services organized at regular intervals. Likewise, being a guest on a Greek Islands tour including Lesbos can be a great option.

Rhodes Island

Known as the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes Island is one of the most important Greek Islands itineraries. It has an important place in the UNESCO World Heritage list with its castle built by the Knights Templar and its medieval-inspired neighborhoods. Although it is extremely close to Turkey’s Bozburun Peninsula, perhaps because of this proximity, Turkish holiday resorts can be seen on its beaches. Safe and comfortable travel by luxury catamaran in approximately 90 minutes by Fethiye – Rhodes Ferry.

What can be done on Rhodes Island?

If you have come to Rhodes Island, you should definitely breathe the ancient air from the middle ages, be enchanted by the majesty of the walls protruding through the forests, visit the old city center, and enjoy the clean sea by visiting both the historical places and the magnificent beaches on the island of Rhodes. In addition, there are many more options for accommodation on the island of Rhodes compared to other islands. We can assist you, our valued guests, in your Rhodes Holiday Plans for Ferry tickets and Accommodation facilities.


You can reach Rhodes, the pearl of the Dodecanese, which we mentioned above, by Fethiye Rhodes Ferry, Marmaris Rhodes ferry services, or Greek Islands tours including Rhodes Island. You can contact us to get your Rhodes ferry ticket practically.

Samos Island (Sasam Island)

Samos Island, which is located across the Kusadasi Dilek Peninsula and has magnificent features, is also known as the birthplace of the famous Pythagoras and Aristarchus. Representing calmness, silence and peace, this island is a great destination especially for holidaymakers who want to enjoy the scenery while resting their head.

What to Do on Samos Island?

First of all, an informative ancient city tour can be done on Samos Island. The water transport tunnel from the 6th century BC can be visited, the Temple of Hera can be visited. Those who say, “I miss Turkey already,” can visit Karaveli Village, where everyone speaks Turkish. You can also find peace in the fishing town of Yenikarlovasi.


With the ferry services to Samos Island, which takes Kusadasi pier as its departure point, you can easily reach this island with a scent of peace and in about 90 minutes. If you wish, you can contact us so that we can drop you off at the port and handle your Samos Island ferry ticket transactions.

Leros Island (Leros)

Leros Island from the Dodecanese is like a hidden paradise since it has not met popularity yet. White houses adorn its gently rising hills, and pebbly sands along its shores, creating an exquisite beauty. It is certain that it will give you a warm summer day with its promenade dotted with boats, small restaurants, warm streets and air.

What can be done on Leros Island?

The ancient Byzantine Castle located on the hills of Platanos on Leros Island can be visited. You can also visit the Crab Church and the museum next to the castle. Don’t forget to go to the beaches of Leros Island, each more beautiful than the other, to cool off and catch a sweet tan!


To go to Leros Island, you can go personally with the boat rental service, or by a captain; If you want more economical prices, you can choose Leros ferry transportation. You can get information from us for Bodrum Leros ferry trips and shop for an extremely affordable ticket.

Mykonos Island (Mykonos)

You have heard the name Mykonos Island at least once in your life; because this island has a great popularity, beauty and vitality among all the Greek Islands. It impresses with its 89-kilometer coastline, pure white beauty, sparkling sea and beaches, never-ending nightlife and touristic notes worth visiting. For this reason, it has become one of the most sought-after options among the “visa-free Greek Islands”.

What to Do on Mykonos Island?

Enjoying a nice walk, swimming and sunbathing on Mykonos Island, tasting the special flavors of Aegean cuisine and wine gourmet are among the most popular options. However, you can visit the famous monastery in Ano Mera and see the Manto Mavrogenous Monument. You can enjoy the clear view of white houses accompanied by the narrow streets and friendly atmosphere of Chora.


Mykonos Island can be visited very quickly and practically with the Mykonos ferry services. You can contact us for a comfortable holiday start, where we can take you to the port, which is the departure point, with our fully equipped and comfortable vehicles and where your ticket transactions are handled by us!

Best Greek Islands Tours

The Greek Islands, each more beautiful than the other, contain such brilliant jewels between their borders that each point meets the sea that you cannot take your eyes off them. If you want to watch, photograph and experience these precious jewels to the fullest, you should choose the Greek Islands tour options: You will set foot on land with a fast, practical, safe, economical and comfortable step.

Of course, in order to be satisfied with your holiday, you should choose an agency that is competent and has proven organizational skills. Here we are, presenting our best selection of Greek Islands tour packages to your liking! You can make a reservation online from our site or contact us 24/7 for more information.

An unforgettable Greek Island holiday will not be limited to your dreams…