Marmaris Yacht Charter

Welcome to our page where you can get boat rental services at affordable and cheap prices in Marmaris. Below you can find our wide portfolio of special boats that we have carefully prepared for you.

With Marmaris boat rental service, you can sail to the bays around Marmaris on a daily or weekly basis. In these bays, you can spend time with your family and friends to the fullest and with pleasure.

Daily Boat Rental

You can rent a private boat from a single person to 30 people on a daily basis and you can choose the boat you want from the list below according to the number of people. We work very meticulously for our guests in terms of daily boat rental at affordable prices. Daily boat rental prices start from 1.300 TL.

Weekly Boat Rental

You can choose the weekly boat rental service to have a pleasant boat holiday with your family in Marmaris. Our boats depart for 7 days, usually from Saturday to Saturday. In this category, you can create your request through our boat you like.

Boat Rental Information Request Form

The information of the following boats is being updated. You can fill out the form for detailed information and price offer!

    Would you like to sail to the beautiful coasts, beaches, natural formations, beaches and islands lined up around Marmaris and to have a great inner relief while doing this? If your answer is “yes”, let us tell you how to do it.

    Marmaris Yacht Charter Advantages

    • When you think of a holiday, a service package that brings together many beautiful features comes to mind. For example, comfort, being away from stress, peace, entertainment and of course quality are some of them.

      If you want to spend all these features and much more on the waters, watching the beauties of Marmaris, we will be happy to help you with our Marmaris Boat Rental service!

      Let’s talk a little bit about what benefits you will enjoy if you decide to join us.

      Marmaris with its Magnificent Beauty

    Close your eyes and imagine yourself in Marmaris. Warm weather, lush pine forests, shimmering sun, sweet houses, deep blue sea and scents of flowers… With its nature and energy, Marmaris is a rare place that can take your soul to different dimensions.

    Now, let us tell you that you can watch this magnificent place with a different perspective and pleasure. In a boat, you can watch the hybrid of blue and green stretching as far as the eye can see, the white coastline, striking natural formations, the dance of blue foam on the turquoise sea over the Mediterranean.

    This means a completely different delight that will not be available to every traveler! With Marmaris Boat Rental, you can easily have this wonderful advantage.

    • Plenty of Comfortable Recreation

    Of course, beauty shouldn’t be just a spectacle, right? Mixing with the waters and feeling the warm touch of the sun on your skin is much more beautiful and permanent. Thanks to our boat, these actions are performed with great comfort and pleasure.

    Stop the boat at the point where you want to dive into the waters with our rental boat and jump into the deep blue! You can also sit and lie down at the comfortable and soft resting spots inside and outside the boat, enjoying the sunbathing or the coolness in the shade.

    • Elegance and Luxury

    Aside from comfort, our boats are beautiful with their design and elegance, befitting our quality Marmaris Yacht Charter service. As you watch the surroundings and catch your eye on the boat, you will continue to fill with wonderful feelings; Because no matter which boat you rent, you will be in exquisite elegance!

    • Isolated and Safe Holiday

    All these great features aside, we also offer you a complete sense of security. In other words, you will enjoy an isolated and magnificent holiday with our boats that we offer to you with Marmaris Boat Rental.

    In addition, we would like to add that all hygiene and safety measures are strictly taken by us.

    Best Marmaris Boat Rental Service

    If you have read our article and what we have said intrigued you, then we look forward to introducing you to our wonderful boats for which we offer Marmaris Boat Charters!

    By communicating with us easily, you can provide the necessary information about your dream holiday and get feedback from us accordingly. We will gladly answer your questions 24/7!