Göcek Boat Tour 2022 – 12 Islands Boat Tour


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Göcek boat tour attracts the attention of many of our guests, both domestic and foreign, with its clean air and deep blue sea throughout the year.

The price of the boat tour organized in Göcek in 2022 is 225 TL. Our program starts at 10:00 in the morning and ends at 17:00 in the evening. This program, which will cover your full day, will be an unforgettable holiday activity for you with our friendly teammates.

Göcek Boat Tour Route and Bays Visited;

Great Plain bay
Seagull Cove
Yassica Islands Bay

The bays we will visit during the mentioned boat tour constitute our route; However, our captain may experience changes in our route, as our captain prefers coves away from the crowd, where there is no one, so that you, our guests, can be comfortable.

If you have chosen Göcek as your holiday route, you should definitely register for our tour in order to fully enjoy it. It will give you a perfect holiday not only with its natural beauties, but also with its delicious lunch menu prepared on the boat. We will explain them in detail within the framework of our program. That's why we recommend that you continue reading and get your bag ready now!

Gocek Boat Tour Program

From the moment you step on the boat, you will be faced with a peaceful and entertaining program. We will take delicious swimming breaks during our 7-hour adventure, which will last from 10:00 to 17:00. Delicious food and drinks, pleasant and light music, laughter and joy will be with you.

In addition, our family-run boat has luxury, equipment, safety and hygiene features to meet your every need. For this reason, you will meet magnificent views on different routes through a completely comfortable and eye-pleasing journey where you can keep your mind at ease.

If you have decided to join our program, let's give a little more detail about which bays and how long our visit will be.

Included / Excluded Services

  • Guidance
  • Lunch
  • Insurance
  • Personal Expenditures
  • Video & Photo
  • Beverages

Tour Amenteties

Advance payment

Tour Plan

With our departure from Göcek Port at 10:00, we start our route by turning the helm to Ova Bay. Until you reach our swimming spot, our boat crew will offer you tea and cookies to regain some energy.

The Büyük Plain Bay, whose shores are adorned by cliffs and lush forests, is one of the most popular swimming spots of Göcek. Because the water here is clean and nature will make you fall in love with it. At this point, we will give a swimming break covering 45 minutes, where you can swim to the fullest.

Next, we'll turn our helm towards our second break. On our way, we will pass by Bedri Rahmi and Sıralıbük bays, which are highly appreciated by the guests.

In addition to your swimming experience here, you can have your rich lunch served with fish, chicken, meatballs or meat, pasta with sauce, arugula, purslane with yogurt, salad, which is offered as an option during our break. You can also order drinks from our bar, with an extra charge.

After our break here, we will anchor for another bay.

After this journey, which takes about 20 minutes, we will approach Martı Bay.

This bay takes its name from the figure of a seagull made of stones, which appears to bend over and drink water. You will swim in clean waters for 45 minutes in company with this wonderful figure. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy having fun and gaining a sweet tan.

Afterwards, we will proceed to our last stopover point, passing by Merdivenli Bay, İç Göbün Bay and one of Göcek's narrowest canals, the Narrow Bosphorus.

A unique break period will begin when the daily Göcek Boat Tour, which will make your day delicious, arrives at Yassıca Islands. If you are one of those who say that my feet must touch the land, this bay will be just right for you. You can walk to your heart's content in this cove, which has fine sands that we approached close to the land. A great opportunity to explore the big island and the small island!

After enjoying the beach and the sea for 45 minutes, we will return to our boat. Then, at the end of a 30-minute journey, we will reach the port again and say goodbye to you.

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